Another Big Move

When I received a job offer and the request to move to Atlanta, Georgia, I never thought I could move in just four weeks. The amount of planning and financial resources needed to make such a move in a short amount of time, especially over the Christmas and New Years holiday season made me question if I would be able to arrive in time. Eight months have passed since I first arrived in Atlanta. During this time I have undergone a personal and professional transformation. Atlanta-Georgia-6

I have learned how to make decisions that involve millions of dollars, think on a broader scale, and cope with 3 hours a day in Atlanta traffic.

It was not until last week that all the risks, all the doubt, all the hardships finally paid off. I received a call from the corporate office about their interest in having me fill an open role. My shock and excitement contained, I continued to discuss the details surrounding the offer.

I am happy to say I accepted the offer and will now be preparing to leave Atlanta and head North. From the concrete of Atlanta to the cold reaches of the North. My destination – Neenah, Wisconsin.


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